From Monday 19th July, restrictions across our leisure venues will be lifted.  You can find the latest information here.


Reading groups are a fun, sociable way of meeting like-minded people and trying a range of books you might never have thought of. Multiple copies of a range of books and genres can be reserved at your local library. If you would like more information on how to set up your own reading group ask one of our helpful Library Assistants.


How to set you your own reading group

Most reading groups have around 6-10 members, usually the choice of books is rotated around the group. Peterborough Libraries can supply the books where we have multiple copies. Regularly updated lists are supplied, reading groups can have their own membership tickets with longer loan periods. Details of all Peterborough reading groups can be found on the National Reading Group website, or for help starting your own, please email us.

You can find lots of free books and special promotions just for Reading Groups at "Reading Groups for Everyone" - run by The Reading Agency the independent charity with a mission to get more people reading more- register your group at their website to access these offers!


Books for reading groups - from Reading Groups for Everyone

Promotions for Reading Groups to get involved in. 


View the latest book list

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