Vivacity's Gender pay gap

Vivacity is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment. We aim to ensure that no staff member (whether full or part-time), potential staff member or temporary worker is treated less fairly on grounds of gender. For further explanation or more information, please contact

Vivacity's gender pay gap data

  • Women’s hourly rate is 2.3% higher (mean) and 4.1% higher (median)
  • Top salary quartile has 41.1% men and 58.9% women
  • Upper middle salary quartile has 32.6% men and 67.4% women
  • Lower middle salary quartile has 52.7% men and 47.3% women
  • Lower salary quartile has 55.5% men and 44.5% women
  • 20.1% of men and 25.6% of women received bonus pay

Vivacity's 2018 to 2019 gender pay gap data.